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Ačiū: Labai ačiū visiems kurie mums padėjo ir padarė gyvenimą smagesniu per turus koncertus ir bet kur kitur:

Jazgot club/Jasiek and his wife for the take away food on 900km long trip home

Puschkin club crew in Dresden - half-price bar is a good way to bring more people to a gig :). Cheers to Harald for the good sound!

Johan/Skaallueren for the last minute booking

Oettinger villa crew in Darmstadt

Lithuanian embassy in Bonn-DE for issuing repatriation certificate instead of stolen passport in 20 minutes

Tof & CCL collective in Lille

Lorraine for luxurious English breakfast and company in England

Monday booking @ Croydon (sorry forgot your name) - nice atmosphere

Madchester punx for the place to crash and for the kitchen to talk, while you're taking ketamine

Rich from Birmingham for the real all-night punk party - we know how to drink vodka through your eye now!

Dame Collet House crew for the healing room and big rasta for massive sound

All English-Lithuanians supporting us at the gigs - we'll never walk alone!

The Cowley Club crew for food and beers (so unusual for England)

Austen/Flatpig for the 1st touch of England and his beautiful 284 studio at the seaside


Akvile & Mark/Friendly Fire for full-of-beer-fridge day off

Kopi ...still not for sale!

Supamolli crew in Berlin for great atmosphere

Felix A4M for the gigs in Berlin and Dresden

Siwa (not sativa)/Pogotowie Seksualne for food, wine and coffee

Jirina and Yacht club crew

Michal Kral/Rackety

Jürgen Kalkschies and Rudek for exotic "Victor" bar

Xavier/Maloka and Local crew in Troyes

Stefko/Toad for the gigs in Netherlands

Zecke@Alge for real DDR punk atmosphere

Laurel/YellowDog + Rozbrat crew (especially kitchen:)

Filip/Trujaca Fala + Rozbrat crew (coctail bar na maxa!)

Szymon@Fabryka + Sulejowek crew

Jukka and Mintu & co. from Turku, Sartru from Espoo, Janne Piipponen from Helsinki. And kilju for all :)

Szarapov and the others for place to stay

Krishna and Ira for pictures and ganjubass

again Roman Izmailov for promoting us in Russia - happy birthday!

Kirill "Student" for place to stay in Moscow (sorry for broken lock:)

Andrey Otshivaloff and Moscow positive HC crew

Alexei "Konspekt", lovely Ratomka house and all you crazy Byellorussian people - skank the scum away!

Bendradarbei crew in Šiauliai + Žydrius KLPxDIY in Klaipėda

Dada and Anna and Kozle and Junior and Andzej for their hospitality

again, EKH/Wien people for letting us stay for a night

Tom, Georg and all the Antimaniax from Graz/Austria

Flo, Aga Sunnydays and Safranka squatters in Praha/CZ

Dusan of No Border Jam and Ziga in Maribor/SLO

Pato, Michela, Igor and everyone in Nitra/SK

Soja and all 'de centrum' squatters in Bialystok

Arvydas in Kaunas, PL :)

bustardsonmuvement and all Šalčininkai/LT xCreWx

Michal and Wolu of NNNW

Biniu and the cool people in 'Zgrzyt'/Belchatow/PL

pan Smokowski of Post Regiment for the mastering

the coolest people we stayed at in Brno/CZ

Sleki and The Polish Guy in Budapest/HU

Oliver and the crew in Attack!, Zagreb/HR

Saszka Contra and Nikita Antiglobalizator for the company :)

Larisa Guseva, Marina Kto-to, Sergei Vasilyev, Roman "torgach" Izmailov, Kirill "Dzhordzh" Mikhailov and all the other helpers and friends in Sankt-Peterburg, Russia

Andrei, Yarik 'Via Zuname', Kirill and Ol'ga 'Furiya' Aksiutina in Moscow, RU, for their hospitality and nice company.

Smiris and Jenots from NON SKID in Valmiera, LV

Renato the dog and everybody in MOLAIRE, from Rouen, F. It was nice to play with you!

The people in Elstal, DE

The Emil people in Zittau, DE

The Talstrasse-7 people in Dresden, DE

Lenin from Los Crudos. You're a nice person to meet on the trip

Hendrik from B-Hof in Weimar. Sorry you had problems...

Pierre from Weimar, DE

ALEX HOLLIG from Leipzig, DE! Vielen Dank fuer alles!

once again Nerijus, Sven and Katie in FaM, DE

Laurent and Yann and everyone in Les Chameleon, Selestat, F

Xavier, Cecile and everyone of Les Tanneries, Dijon, F

Befa, Sylvain and his neighbours in St. Etienne, F

Mario, 'the cook' and everyone else in El Paso Torino, I

Samo and Iža and everyone in Postojna, SLO

Siniša and Peter in Velenje, SLO

Tina and Sabina and Žiga in Metelkova, Ljubljana, SLO

Hogar and Hollister biker's in Zagreb, HR

Samo and Igo and the guys we slept at in Nitra, SK

Lukas Korecki, his girlfriend and all the rest in Brno, CZ

Jacek Zieba and his friends in Bielsko Biala, PL

once more Nika and max and Smok of Post Regiment

Maris and Edgars of NEKAC/Kuldiga, LV and all the Latvian scene

Herne in Berlin

Nika/Post Regiment and Artur/SLE in Szubin, PL

Džonis and Bombiakas in Vilnius

Marcin Sewerniak and Pillon club in Torun, PL

Jorg and Enrico and everyone at Boumans squat in Potsdam, DE

Everyone at Zoro squat in Leipzig, DE and especially Alex Hollig for getting the German part of the tour together. Cheers, Alex!

Sarah and everyone at Fett Ecke in Berlin, DE

Marėnas, Rėma and Bludikas

Stepan and Vanchy and the girls and guys and little kids at Rote Flora, Hamburg, DE

Radža and Gytis

Marco and Andreas and the crew at AJZ Bielefeld, DE

Filip and other nice people at Rue de Princesse 95 squat in Lille, FR. Sorry to see you evicted. :(

Nerijus Smolianskis and Sven and Petra from Frankfurt am Main, DE-- sorry about that car :(

Nick and Jessie Metlitsky and Keri Jones and Jessica and Roman for hospitality during our stay in Ireland.

Captain August and the whole crew of AZART -- The Ship of Fools, claiming to be a Dutch territory

Vincent Schnaps in Lille, FR -- nice to visit you.

Wibke and the crew from AZ Muellheim a.d. Ruhr, DE-- hope you like those pictures i left :)

Cajus and Pablo and everyone else at EKH squat in Wien, AT

Herbert and the nice people from Ladronka squat in Praha, CZ

and everyone else i might have forgotten. Cheers! Hope we'll see you next time!

[paskutinis atnaujinimas: 2007-10-23]

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